Terrance M. Wolfe RSE, CET, NCSO, MCPM

Journeyperson Instrument Mechanic, Electrician, and Steam Engineer.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction, commissioning, and operation of industrial facilities, Terry founded SasCal in 1991.

Terry has been responsible for developing and implementing commissioning and startup strategies for multiple world-class projects in the oil and gas, mining, and minerals industries. His technical knowledge of intricacies associated with commissioning start-up and operational readiness has led to the development of a series of sound principles and processes that serve as the basis for SasCal’s successful operations.

Clients find these principles and processes applied by Terry in his Managerial capacities to be invaluable, having saved Projects and Clients many millions of expenditures while delivering for them safe reliable facilities that have successfully operated for what is now decades.