Our track record of success in providing clients with leading-edge commissioning and start-up solutions from the engineering and construction phases of a project to steady-state operations has become  a trademark of SasCal since its inception.

In order to maximize the benefits received from SasCal’s industry-leading commissioning and start-up process, we recommend that our clients bring us in during the initial stages of a project to prepare all necessary documentation for a safe, effective and efficient start-up. We will also provide the experienced management team, world-class systems and technical personnel that are necessary to efficiently execute the scope of work. However, we on occasion  we come in later in the project to recover scope and schedule when slippage has occurred. Regardless of when our clients bring us onto a project, they can rest assured that they are receiving the level of quality from the people, processes and tools employed, that one should get from an industry leading commissioning and start-up contractor.


Our CSU activities include:


  • Commissioning and Start-Up Definition and Development
    • CSU Plan Schedule Development
    • CSU Estimates
    • System Scoping of P&ID
    • Equipment Tag’s List Development
    • Work Pack Development
    • Start-Up Procedure Development
    • HAZOPS
    • Turnover Strategy Development
    • Completions Management System Population


  • Commissioning and Start-Up Execution
    • Electrical and Instrument
    • Mechanical and Piping
    • Craft Labour
    • Planning/Scheduling
    • Management and Supervision
    • Completions
    • QA/QC
    • CSU Turnover Coordination
    • Construction Turnover Coordination
    • Operational Support
    • HSE management
    • Project Permitting