The SasCal record of success in providing clients with leading-edge commissioning and start-up solutions from a project’s engineering and construction phases to steady-state operations has become a trademark of SasCal since its inception.

To maximize the benefits received from SasCal’s industry-leading commissioning and start-up process, we recommend that our clients bring Terry in during the initial stages of a project to help prepare all necessary documentation for a safe, effective, and efficient start-up. Terry can help assemble a well-experienced management team that understands world-class management systems necessary to execute the scope of work efficiently.

Current Activities include:

  • Consultation on Commissioning and Start-Up Definition and Development
    • CSU Plan Schedule Development
    • CSU Estimates
    • System Scoping of P&ID
    • Equipment Tag’s List Development
    • Work Pack Development
    • Start-Up Procedure Development
    • HAZOPS
    • Turnover Strategy Development
    • Completions Management System Population