At SasCal, we offer a wide array of industrial mechanical services. Should your construction project be Greenfield, Brownfield, or a plant relocation, SasCal can assist with all of your mechanical requirements, providing best value at a competitive price.


The following are services we offer in-house, providing value to our clients through vertical integration.


Process and Utility Piping

All types of utility and process piping regardless of material type. Our list of registered weld procedures covers the basic materials of carbon and stainless steels.

Our Quality management system and attention to detail insures a world class installation and flawless start up.



SasCal has extensive experience in the installation of all types of equipment, including tanks, pumps, cranes and crane rails, as well as rotating and material conveyance equipment.


Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals

Our structural steel group works closely with the pipe-fitters and millwrights to provide , fabrication, and installation of associated works, such as crane rails, platforms, equipment supports, as well as major and minor piping supports.